My name is Sarah Marie.

Government analyst by day, kitchen fiend (goddess? nymph?) by night.  I cook. I run. I drink. And I blog. Mostly about food, mostly about what I cook, and mostly about why I cook. Or, what makes me love cooking in Washington, which often stems back to my roots as a California girl.

What do I like most about cooking? The wine. What do I like most about baking? Giving things away to friends, and then getting showered in compliments and the occasional marriage proposal. But really, I enjoy cooking with people more than anything — nothing beats sharing dinner with friends and watching flight patterns from my Dupont balcony.

You can find me at local DC Food Blogger events, or running, biking or swimming around DC. Or on my way to a far and exotic place; I’ve been going out of town a lot recently. I lovelovelove it when new and old fans comment on my posts, or contact me to say hello — especially if they have blogs as well!  I have some collaborative entries with local bloggers on the way, and I’m looking forward to hearing from and meeting as many of my readers as possible. I also work as a freelance graphic designer, so check out my portfolio above if you are looking to employ.

Happy cooking! (And eating, and running, and swimming)