Candied Citrus and Almond Florentines

I’ve finally gotten it together–the food blog. My longing to get back into my life as a writer crossed paths with my kitchen obsession. It’s time to show off some dishes to the world.

So, let’s kick off a healthy online relationship with some good, old-fashioned, way-less-complicated-than-they-seem cookies. Alright, so that hyphenated adjective phrase might be a white lie. It’s really not that bad, though.

Yesterday, I arrived home after dealing with a frustrating independence issue. Luckily, my new Cuisineart food processor, new in the box, was waiting for me when I arrived home. Nothing gets your mind off of stress better than throwing a bunch of things in a plastic container to get shredded. You should try it. Anyway, here’s a recipe for Candied Citrus and Almond Florentine Cookies, my absolute FAVORITE recipe in the world. Hands down.


1/2 cup unsalted butter
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup whipping or heavy cream
4 tablespoons sifted cake flour
1 cup finely chopped candied citrus peel
1 cup ground almond flour
1 cup sliced almonds


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large saucepan, melt the butter.

Slowly stir in the sugar and the heavy cream over high heat, until the mixture boils.

Then, remove from heat and stir in the flour, citrus peel, almond flour, and almonds. Mix well.

Prepare a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and drop batter in round, 1-tablespoon measurements, leaving a few inches between each one. If you have silicone cupcake or florentine molds, that would work even better than the parchment paper — I’m just too poor to buy those right now! So parchment paper will have to do.

Place the cookies in the oven, and let them bake for 10-15 minutes. The time really depends on how crispy you would like your florentines. I, personally, prefer them light and on the chewy side. But the longer you leave them in, the crunchier and darker they will be.

The batter spreads into a delicate lace pattern, which can be lethal when painted in chocolate (and perhaps formed into sandwiches with multiple cookies and a ridiculous mess).

When removing the florentines from the oven, be sure to let the cookies sit for at least 15 minutes. Transfer to a cooling rack, eat, and repeat.