More cookies.

Hello, reader. My blogging was on hiatus — night classes are to blame. But I thought I’d return with a treat.

I’m actually on a flight from Los Angeles to Washington at the moment. I had taken a short trip to visit with family and friends, and to run my first half-marathon. I did it! And luckily, there were a number of physical therapists at the finish line to stretch and rub out the knots that were making my legs shake after running 13 miles. I was literally incapable of doing anything but standing for about thirty minutes because my legs were too tired to support my body’s attempts to relax on the ground. I guess it’s just too difficult after running for two and a half hours straight.

Naturally, my trip to California was filled to the brim, with rendezvous after rendezvous. And It was just impossible to see everyone, for which I apologize. But there will be return trips in the future, and as always, my favorite people are always welcome in Washington!

These are cookies I made for a close friend’s birthday — her name starts with a “D,” so I thought some initialed cookies would be as fashionable as she is. Her nickname is also “BW,” for bacon-weave (don’t ask), so there are a couple of those in there as well. The recipe can be found here; it’s my usual super thin sugar cookie recipe with royal icing.