Entries from July 27th, 2011

Best Dressed



Washington is such a small place. Sometimes I say I love it, and sometimes I say I hate it… but I’m pretty sure I just love it. (more…)

From Last Night



Sometimes, we make sacrifices. Give and take, push and pull, exchange or return.  We all do it.  After all, what would life be without change? Boring.  Duh. (more…)

Summer in the City



There’s something special about spending Independence Day in Washington, DC.  Granted, this is only my second time spending the holiday in the nation’s capital, but I feel there is a certain breed of patriotism that meanders its way into the hearts and minds of my fellow Washingtonians.  Perhaps it’s the effect that living and breathing in such an iconic city has on our every day lives.  Or perhaps it’s just our recent obsession over American flag bikinis, three-day weekends, and anything red, white, and blue. (more…)


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