Best Dressed

Washington is such a small place. Sometimes I say I love it, and sometimes I say I hate it… but I’m pretty sure I just love it.

Look. I grew up in LA. Everyone drives there. You know how we “ran into” people in high school? It happened at a stop light. In our parents’ cars. And sometimes it was kind of awkward. What if you noticed them first, and what if you didn’t know them very well? Do you make eye contact with them? Do you roll down your window to chat? What if they get creeped out, or worse, what if they don’t recognize you? Maybe this was just weird, awkward teenage insecurities, but at least one of those thoughts crossed my mind when I accidentally ended up next to someone on the road.

At least in college, and the non-office world, you always say hello to people you run into (do not get me started on office awkwardness).

Anyway, you always say hello. Always. Even if it’s just a wave on the street, and you’re on your phone and they’re plugged into their music. Even if you’re running your tenth mile of the morning, and she’s walk-of-shaming from her boyfriend’s house. In that case, I like yell out, “Hey girl hey! I’m in so much [expletive] PAIN! See you at home!”

I recently discovered that a jumbled network of friends and acquaintances, all of whom I know through different circumstances, apparently know each other. The details of how they know each other are more convoluted than they are important, but it made me really love how mangled the yuppie connection in DC is. That might just be me, getting excited about knowing people to the extent that they meet at a random gathering, and end up talking about me (don’t hate – you all do it too).

That happened over gchat this morning. It made my morning.

Appropriately enough, I ran into two friends from the office as I exited the building, on my way to the coffee shop to write about last night’s salad. They invited me to lunch at Whole Foods – one of the most financially dangerous places for a food blogger to visit. Seriously. I could probably max out my credit card there, on cheese alone. Interestingly, I was headed to this exact chair to write about a Whole Foods inspired salad. It’s actually an almost-exact replica of the salad I make for myself when feel like spending twelve dollars on a salad – damn you, artichokes hearts! You just weigh too much.

So, with summer temperatures shooting through the roof, I’m taking advantages of the produce available.  And delicious vinaigrettes.

Enjoy the feta.


Feta Vinaigrette


1 handful feta cheese
2-3 tablespoons high quality olive oil
1-2 splashes balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon spicy Dijon mustard
A pinch of fresh ground black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a dressing container – I use mason jars.  Stir, then shake.

Pour over a mixture of your favorite vegetables.  My salad involved a green medley, quartered artichoke hearts, and edamame.  I also like to add in carrots, pomegranate seeds, tomatoes, and (surprise) more feta.