If I had a million dollars…


8.29.12 by sarah

Cookware Set // shower curtain // dinner plate // flower knob
candle // pitcher // chalkboard jar // measuring cups 

If I had a million dollars, I’d probably spend it all at Anthropologie. In like, five minutes. If any of you own these things, well, I’m incredibly jealous of you (in a good way, of course).

Today, my copy of The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook arrived. Instead of spending all of my money at Anthropologie, I spent it at the grocery store.

terrarium tools // canister // platter // hummingbird feeder (I’d use it as a vase)
bedding // dachshund towel // pommes plate

And then I made pumpkin granola, and then I made homemade chewy bars. Rarely do I stick to a recipe, but oh, boy, did I stick to those recipes. Because, well, I’ve been head over heels for the Sprouted Kitchen since the day I discovered Sara’s recipe for sweet corn ceviche.

The time has come for me to expand Sweetsonian’s reach beyond just recipes and my own personal take on life. I want to give you a piece of my life, what I love, and what I want the world to have. I’m not exactly sure what that is yet, but I can assure that it will help me stay in touch with you more often.

Because, I really do miss ya.


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  • Diane, A Broad

    I have a set of measuring cups from Anthro. (The great thing about being a cook and having an office job is that everyone knows exactly what to get you for secret santas.) I left them in LA when I moved, and they were terribly inaccurate, but dang if those things weren’t pretty.

  • Beth Maliner

    I, for one will be watching with eagle eye for all of your gems and takes on life’s treasures. That is if Sarah doesn’t tell me first!

  • kate b

    see for me it’s not anthro v.s. grocery store…. but more kate spade v.s. lululemon… dilemmas…

    love you! and your bloggy-blog! :)

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