Cucumber Ginger Fizz


Right around this time of year, my general blah reaction to that second Sunday in the month of May is usually: Oh joy, another Mother’s Day.

I’ve never written to you about the relationship I had with my mother. It’s sadly, not the happiest of topics, but part of me wants to say that I hope that story is still unfinished, unfit for publishing. The truth is, I find myself more like my mother than I would like to admit.

I care too much about how people perceive me.

I hold grudges.

I am quick to judge.

And, contrary to popular belief, I do get angry.



Most of me has spent my entire life fighting these tendencies to the point of grinding my teeth, as these tendencies were exposed to me in the worst of ways — and far too early in life. But at the same time, my mother, on several levels, is why I am unbearably stubborn, independent, and eager to feed those around me. Those traits have brought me more pleasure than pain, and for that, I am thankful.

Last week, Shaeda wrote about her grandmother’s hands. Like many of you out there, too, I have my mother’s hands. I am happy to have them.


That being said, since I’ve moved to the East Coast, I’ve met so. many. wonderful. mothers. Mothers who have opened up their hearts and their homes, mothers who have cooked dinner and allowed me to cook for them, and mothers who don’t even live in D.C. but travel here regularly and enjoy catching up. They have transformed Mother’s Day from a wince and an eye roll, into something that I actually look forward to.

And as one of the daughters who had a more than troublesome time with her mother, I can say that I can definitely spot a good mother when I meet one. Here’s to Nancy, Eva, Susie, Clare, Norma, Mamie, Karol, Amy, and Beth — they’re the ones that come to my mind first. These ladies rock.

Whether your a mother or daughter, father or son, I hope you all have a glorious Mother’s Day.

As for me, well, I will probably be drinking this on Sunday. Lots and lots of this.


Cucumber Ginger Fizz

Cucumber infused vodka — I’m a fan of the Square brand
Ginger Ale
Fresh limes

In a tall glass, squeeze a wedge of lime, and then muddle with a few slices of cucumber. Then, combine 2-3 oz. vodka with ginger ale (and club soda if you prefer your drinks on the drier side), and stir with ice.

Garnish with a lime, and hand one to your mom on a sunny patio.