Bridgeport, California


Vacation is a wonderful thing.

A week or so ago, I boarded a flight to California — to surprise my Grandpa for his 80th birthday party (we had a bunch of family members from New York and Florida fly in to surprise him, too!) and to coast up the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains for a relatively rugged camping trip in the woods.

I was under the impression we were going to be doing some real High Sierra backpacking, but the plans changed… due to lack of communication, and an unexpected car issue on the way up (sigh, Dad). With an 8-year old in tow, we opted for a more controlled, manageable campground in a nest of lakes near Bridgeport, California — about 20 minutes past Mono Lake.



We spent the Fourth of July in Brideport — population 843 — which was a great, small-town July 4th celebration. It was vastly different from what I’m used to in Washington, DC! But I pretty much loved every minute of it. Because, well, who doesn’t love being in a town where everyone knows each other and everyone who’s anyone is wearing jorts, a cowboy hat, or both?

Anyway, Bridgeport is the town my family has been visiting annually for upwards of 30 years — my dad took a road trip when he was in college, and happened to just stumble upon the little gem after driving a good six hours out of Los Angeles. And he’s pretty obsessed with fly fishing, so the lakes and rivers around Bridgeport are his own personal heaven.



I was always very, very bad at fly fishing. But — not surprisingly, I was a pro at tying flies. I used to sell them to my dad and all of his friends for a dollar a piece when I was a little girl. They got a steal: pretty much top-quality flies for a fraction of the store price. But for a ten-year old, I was making bank, so it worked.

Side note: one evening, I paddled the canoe while my dad and Kevin fished — my dad happened to find one of the flies that I made up, years ago. That fly caught five fish! It’s fun to see the products of my craftsmanship, still at work.

DSC_8980 DSC_9058






Anyway, here is the extensive collection of photos from seven days in the wilderness. I let Kevin go wild with my fisheye film camera (after giving him some tips on how to frame a good photo, of course) so once I develop those, we’ll see how closely the creative bug lines up in that goofy kid. Check out the star photos at the very end! I was an idiot to forget my tripod, but I made do with a cast iron pot and packages of graham crackers. They’re not perfect, but I’m okay with the results of my first foray into celestial photography :)


DSC_8889 DSC_8971




DSC_9077 DSC_9091


DSC_9226 DSC_9234