Alright folks, it’s been a bit of a crazy summer. I’ve had three weeks since I came back from California, and it feels like I unpacked last night.

But I’m off again… this time, to Norway and Greece. I’m planning on blogging a bit to show off the pretty views and delectable foods, but there’s a good chance I might take this opportunity to let loose a little and take a week or so off blogging.

Bring on the fjords, pickled fish, and Alexander Skarsgard. Then, bring on the feta cheese, vespas, and whatever my life will look like when I start living out the Greece-related events of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Instagrams from June and July. And, if you’re not already following me, please do! All of my European adventures will be posted on my account @gurrity :)

My lovely neighborhood. Portugal, the Man at 930 club

Freelance lunches. They came back. Barbara P. Bush! She's just fabulous.

Some hand lettering for my mentee :) Hot summer days at the Smithsonian.

My first lobster roll, naturally, from Luke's Hydrangeas -- found these on the sidewalk on a rainy Saturday morning.

Office jungle Carry on essentials. Hello, California.

My parents bought a Fiat convertible. Jet lagged mornings -- coffee, Hemingway, and the dog.

WIND TURBINES! Car trouble in Ridgecrest, CA.

Mono Lake at sunset A morning walk around Trumbull Lake

8AM hike with the bro. He's drinking beer like it's coffee. How does the time fly?! Canoeing with Dad and Kevin. Pretty sunset on Trumbull Lake.

Cody Impromptu sailing... again :)

Oyster shell gravel, dream house. "Do I smell cookies?"

Artscape, Baltimore. Vintage loot from an estate sale on Capitol Hill