Music to Cook to // December


Soo… I failed at November posts. I can’t say what exactly has been getting to me lately, but I’ve just been so lazy. And not just with blogging. Perhaps it’s how I’ve been dragging my feet with freelance, or perhaps it’s that socializing is just… exhausting.

These are the songs I’ve been obsessed with for months now, and most of them reflect the mood I’ve been in — the winter brings out a somberness that I do, in fact, love. Slightly emo, but then again, many of these songs I’ve heard in some of the many TV shows I’m addicted to, or in yoga class.

That’s the other thing, reader. I joined the luxury gym in DC (Vida) and I am a woman obsessed. I love that place more than my own bed… which is really saying something.

Anyway, check out my music obsessions. Add them to a yoga or a slow run playlist. Or, bake something on your snow day tomorrow — fingers crossed I get one! And check it out on Spotify here.