Soup Swap!

soup swap // sweetsonian

Remember the days before people named storms? The first crazy name for me was Snowmageddon, back in 2010 (best storm ever, as far as I was concerned). But these days, it seems like every storm on the East Coast needs a corny name of its own. It’s silly.

As a friend of mine says, “back home, we just call it ‘weather.'”

Anyway, with the Polar Vortex, part two, on its way, I thought I’d share something my office really enjoys: soup swap.

We stole the idea from Shaeda’s office, but we’ve done it twice so far, and it’s still a huge hit. Basically, everyone makes a giant batch of soup, divides them into individual containers, and brings them all to the office, where we keep them in the refrigerator. Some coworkers take the soup home to share with their families, but most of us just keep them at the office so we don’t have to carry lunch every day (plus, we’re usually here after hours, so soup swap takes care of dinner most nights, too).

Here’s a sample of the recipes my coworkers brought in. They were all delicious! Hope y’all have something to warm your heart and your stomach until this cold spell passes.

Lentil & Sausage Soup  // Fresh Corn Soup // Lemony Chicken & Orzo Soup }