insta-january // sweetsonian


1. Bubble baths are the best. Sometimes skipping the gym and opting for a glass of wine in a hot bath need to happen.

2. Snow falling after a late night at work — I was in the office for the State of the Union speech, and as I was hailing a cab, the presidential motorcade passed me on Independence Avenue. You know it’s the President when there’s an ambulance. And, after the motorcade passed, it was silent. You could hear the snow falling gently on the ground.

3. I finally framed and hung my foodie souvenir from my summer trip to Oslo — the paper take away bag from the cutest little pie shop called Hello Good Pie. They have a fabulous Instagram, in case you were wondering :)

4. I can drink tequila. And I didn’t get the spins! Fabulous dinner with two of my favorite people in New York City — Agave in the West Village is a place I’ll be visiting again and again.

5. Last week, my apartment building voted to take a financial settlement. We drank champagne on the floors of our hallway with two of our neighbors. It’s going to be a great summer.

6. My work computer decided to switch to Japanese one day. I learned that my favorite videographer ever knows Japanese. She promptly fixed it.