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  1. Spring texture in a pretty form: pineapples on display outside of Whole Foods this morning.
  2. Shopping in Florida: April bought a Coach bag (similar here), I bought jorts. The world is backwards.
  3. Chopped off 11 inches of hair, and donated it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. I will say, I’m pretty obsessed with having short hair. I think I like it better short than long!
  4. Celebrating a job offer in NYC with a friend over French onion soup on a rainy day. I didn’t end up taking the job, but it was a good experience — and helped me figure out what exactly I’m looking for when it comes to preparing myself for the move to New York.
  5. Winter’s last hurrah. Snow, snow, go away. Luckily, I think spring is actually here.
  6. Emily delivered a diet coke to me while I was reading The Fault in Our Stars on the beach in Jacksonville. I really could not have asked for anything else.
  7. My roommate for a night — Stella, one of the cutest dogs in the world, helped me choose outfits on a recent interview trip to New York.
  8. Rockin’ a trend I picked up on last summer while in Norway: colorful sneakers with casual sportswear. I rocked my Heidi Klum for New Balance mint kicks on a casual Friday.
  9. Cheese swap — the latest bonding activity in my office at Department of Energy. The premise: a few members of the team bring in a serving of cheese, and we take a short break in the afternoon to eat cheese and chat about what’s happening at Energy. It’s a nice refresher for a long Monday afternoon.