1. A celebratory French onion soup on a rainy early April afternoon in NYC — I had just been offered a job. I turned it down, but a job offer is a job offer. I believe in celebrating every single mile.
  2. It’s funny how the Empire State Building just sneaks up on you, isn’t it? One minute you’re in the subway tunnel, and the next, you’re basically a movie star.
  3. The unedited life of my laundry — the past few weeks of travel and interviewing have turned my room into a black hole of dirty laundry.
  4. A cute, late-night birthday celebration on Española Way, an adorable promenade on South Beach, Miami.
  5. My personal favorite of a selection of engagement photos I shot for Michael and Christine — Michael and I go way back, so having an excuse to go up to NYC and celebrate with them was an easy decision. My DV wedges broke on the way, so I ended up limping to a store called Shoegasm and ended up replacing them with these. I wear them every day now, so it was win-win. Also, the engagement shoot ended at Shake Shack. Deeee-lish.
  6. The adorable welcome I got from my Brooklyn hosts that weekend. *Swoon!*
  7. Peace-out DC drinks with the one-and-only Belle. At the moment, we thought we were both moving away from DC at the same time. She beat me to it by a few weeks.
  8. Best birthday ever. This is the Fleur 75 cocktail at Pearl Dive, a favorite spot of mine on 14th Street.
  9. #TeamJake. At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Shaeda tapped Scott Foley on the shoulder and told him it was my birthday. He turned to me and said “Oh, happy birthday! Would you like to take a photo?” If I hadn’t been drinking all day, my heart would have skipped a beat. But he was a darling.