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This weather has been absolutely delightful — hasn’t it? When I’m not slaving away at the day job, I’ve been hitting up three spin classes a week (holla! bring on the carbs) and spending the rare lunch break catching up on reading. I’ve rediscovered how nice it feels to unwind with a good summer read… and this is my current obsession at the moment. Give me two more hours of precious free time, and I’ll be through with that, too.

I haven’t been pinning much lately, but I thought I’d share some of my “recent” favorites with you all here. I’m ready for some perfect summer sunsets and a few trips to the “country” (ahem, West Virginia, or somewhere between here and Baltimore) for some rope swings and more opportunities to use my donut tube. The weekends feel so few and far between.

1. Kitty listening to music. I’ve always wanted an orange cat. A music-savvy one would make my life.

2. #NiceType. How gorgeous is this font? I’ve been dying to coin one myself.

3. Peplum tankini top. Waaaaant.

4. In the summer months, sunflowers are my favorite flower. Everyone has seasonal favorites, right? Right. You’ll find these in my apartment every now and then. I’ll need to get some oversized vases.

5. Where I want to be right now.

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