Two Videos

While I haven’t been cooking much, my lovely colleague Matty has been showing me the ropes on being the master of all things video.

Last weekend, we did a little video excursion to The Coffee Bar, an exquisite little spot a few blocks from our apartment. It was one of those perfect fall days — a little breezy, but ideal for sitting in a neighborhood bay window, chatting about potential Halloween costumes and a fascination with horror films (and the difference between scary/gory movies, and the actual genre of horror). It helps to have a film expert with you :)

Anyway, Matty did all of the artistic filming (next on my list of things I’d like her to teach me!) but she helped show me the ropes in Final Cut Pro to put these two videos together.

The second video is a compilation of footage from my quick trip to Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend — we had a great family dinner in my parents’ backyard. I can’t wait to get home to see them again for Thanksgiving!

Anyway, hope you all have a great Halloween weekend :)