about sarah // sweetsonian


Hi there!

Name: Sarah Marie Gerrity
Location: Washington, D.C.
In sum: Art director & food pornographer at @CavaGrill, freelance photographer/designer, future spin instructor and CatPaint extraordinaire. Icing > cake.

I started writing Sweetsonian in November of 2009, just a month after starting my first big-girl job, and just two months after dropping everything and moving to DC. Back in the day, I was working for the Department of Labor — a job I landed quickly and luckily — more or less in foreign and domestic trade analysis. Sweetsonian was my desperately-needed creative outlet, and emerged from a series of casual dinner parties, hot dates, and positive reinforcement from friends urging me to start a food blog.

After a couple of stints in DC, I essentially found my way into my first dream job, designing infographics and visuals, all day, err’ day, for the Energy Department. Like many people in Washington, I’m a workaholic. The advantage to loving your job is that work doesn’t always feel like work– so sometimes, I’ll be freelancing logos or killer infographics for Google.

After about a year of freelancing food and restaurant photography to Cava Grill, a fantastic fast casual concept based here in DC, I started full time as their art director in February 2015.

You can find me running and cycling to and from projects all over DC, cooking brunch in my kitchen, or petting all of the dogs that are tied up outside of the 17th Street Safeway while their owners shop. Yes, I know most of them by name. No, I’m not sorry. At the moment, I’m not taking any new freelance clients, but I do consider exceptions to that rule on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, just comment below, or contact me through the link to my portfolio above!