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Today, I’d like to try something different. I’d like to introduce you all to a friend of mine — Rochelle and I went to UC Santa Barbara together, and I unfortunately transferred schools before I realized how amazingly talented and creative she is. But even if I did realize it back then, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated her creativity as much as I do in this very moment, naturally because we were both in very different places in our lives six or seven years ago.

One of my closest friends encouraged me to reach out to her because we had both transformed our hobbies into our jobs — and we share the passion that comes with absolutely loving everything about your job. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve surely followed my journey as someone chasing a dream. I couldn’t help but share Rochelle’s story with you.

So, ladies and gents, this is Rochelle, and her handmade woodworking business based out of her home in Los Angeles. Her cheese boards honestly do make the perfect gift (and start around $48), so with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, I strongly encourage you all to check out her beautiful website and her Etsy shop. And, if you enjoy the creative process in all of its glory as much as I do, follow her on Instagram @primitivereserve. She sent me the beautiful cheese board you see in these photos — and you’ll be sure to see it in many more recipes, as I was instantly smitten with how it turned out in photos!

Goat Cheese and Jalapeño Pop Tart recipe — after the jump.

Rochelle Chavez

Full Name: Rochelle Chavez

Age: 27
When you started Primitive Reserve: October 2012

Educational background, work experience highlights: B.A. in Theater with a concentration in design from The University of California Santa Barbara and a M.F.A. in Production Design from The American Film Institute. Since graduating I’ve used my degrees in themed entertainment, interior design and now woodworking. Beyond Primitive Reserve I also work as an art director for a themed entertainment company.

primitive reserve

diamond table

Take us on a quick career bio. What’s the story behind Primitive Reserve? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself, or about your work in general?

I started Primitive Reserve as a small side project to get my mind off of my day job as an art director. Spending my day behind a desk made me miss sketching designs and making products with my own hands. I started to draw different concepts from furniture to housewares, made a few miniature wood mock ups and eventually began to build my designs at full scale. Let’s just say I’ve been addicted to this handmade lifestyle ever since.

Learning more about myself/work in this process:

I immediately realized how much I love to create things from start to finish, the concept phase just isn’t enough anymore. I need to draw something and then make it a reality in order to get my creative fill.

rochelle at work

primitive reserve

How did you discover your passion for woodworking? What made you want to turn something you loved into your career?

I was always busy building sets and props in school. I love working with my hands and am incredibly happy when I can make things that others can appreciate, so woodworking has been a natural progression for me.

Do you have a career highlight yet?

Nina Garcia complimented my woodwork recently at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. I love her editorial work and should have been paying her the compliments, it was an unexpected and exciting moment for me.

Five years forward: Where do you see yourself and your business? In five years, I see myself creating more and enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, perhaps on a small farm with a little woodshop. The ultimate goal is for Primitive Reserve to become my full time job creating what I want and hoping others enjoy it as well.

Five years back: Where were you five years ago, and what advice would you have given yourself back then? Five years ago I was in my last year of undergrad at UC Santa Barbara. Advice for my younger self: “Let go of expectations! Things don’t always turn out as planned and you will love it.”


Goat Cheese and Jalapeño Pop Tarts  (more…)


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