Music to Cook To // February

I love my winters, but six months after a fabulous vacation in Mexico, a girl can’t help but miss her bike ride to the beach.

Last spring and summer, my life was on the cusp of some serious changes — I had applied to grad school and had been on what seemed like a billion job interviews, and I spent a good amount of time driving up to Baltimore for meetings with the dean at MICA. Point being, the time of year was filled with excitement and opportunity in my life. I didn’t yet know what was going to happen, but I did know that it would be good.

And it was.


This playlist brings me back to the day I spent at the Hopkins and MICA campuses, to the day I kidnapped my best gay for sloshball, and the 30 minutes I spent planning the most fabulous trip to Mexico two girls could have asked for.

And sometimes, these chilly February days at work make a summer revival necessary. A week from today, I’ll be prepping for a weekend rendezvous in Miami. Bring on the white 3-inchers, floral bikinis, and flip flops.

To my Spotify nerds: Bring it.