Last-chance gazpacho

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

I’ve had these photos in store, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and put together a decent set of words.

There’s probably just a handful of days left in DC for grabbing summer tomatoes — run! do so quickly! — so I figured I needed to post this recipe ASAP.

It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, filled with freelancing and negotiating photo rights, but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with yoga, sleep, and reading. I’m putting a do-not-disturb sign on my life. Have a great fall weekend! Xo.

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

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Pretty gray things.

shades of gray // sweetsonian

shades of gray // sweetsonian


I’m having trouble believing that September is already halfway over, and that the weather has cooled down so nicely. It was a mild summer (and I actually hung around DC and actually loved it). But fall is by far my favorite season, and Em and I reinstated our tea-before-bed ritual in the apartment, so I’m pretty much ecstatic that boot weather is back and that I can use the weather as an excuse to hermit myself with a few episodes of The Good Wife, Red Zinger, and the knitting project du jour.

I’ve recently been shifting my obsession with all-white-everything in decor to all gray. It’s kind of perfect for the shift in temperature, and moving forward, it will probably be my decor theme.

1. This marble swivel-top box would look lovely in a white kitchen. It’s also the perfect box to hold earrings and rings.

2. Snuggle up with a book and a cup of coffee in this Kate Spade dotted mug. Swoon.

3. I recently switched my white cotton duvet cover for H&M’s linen duvet set in light gray — and I’m obsessed. I didn’t think it was possible to love my down comforter any more… and it is.

4. Can I live in this sweatshirt? (I realize that this post is my way of acknowledging my need to spend all day in bed.)

5. A friend in New York has been hounding me for apartment decor advice, so naturally, I steered her towards some of my favorite things on the internet (many things I simply want for myself). This rug is high on that list. Check out the rest here.

6. Not sure where this photo is from, but I’ve been following this account and this account on Instagram, and they have the coolest knitting projects. I love that people are making knitting cool.


What’s in my ONA: The Roma Camera Bag Insert


Happy Wednesday! Before I left for my trip to Montana, I knew I needed a camera bag insert that I could fit in my Lo & Sons Catalina bag. The ONA Roma was perfect — it was surprisingly spacious, and I managed to fit my camera body and two favorite lenses, plus a plethora of smaller gear pieces that I needed for the trip. Check out more photos, and read the lovely write up on my gear!

And if you’re a fan of beautiful photos and stylish photography bags, follow ONA on Instagram and Twitter. Fact — I’m saving up for this bag. How gorgeous is that cognac leather?




Quick bread and butter pickles

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

Quick post as I catch up on projects and emails — bread and butter pickles are my absolute favorite. This recipe is fast, simple, and will leave you with the perfect pickle to throw on sandwiches, mix into salads or deviled eggs, and to eat straight out of the jar with a fork.

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend! Xo.

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

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Aurora Borealis

aurora borealis in whitefish, montana // sweetsonian


Hi there! Just had to quickly post this photo — I’ve been traveling in Montana with the lovely Belle, and I managed to sneak outside to take some star photos. I was thinking last week: you know, it’d be really cool to see the Northern Lights. But I pushed it out of my head because I apparently know nothing about them and thought they only came out in the winter.

False. Here’s a shot I captured from the roof of our lodge. If you look closely, there’s also a shooting star on the lower left side of the sky.

Xo! Be back soon.

Maps + Links I love

vintage maps at home // sweetsonian

vintage maps at home // sweetsonian

clockwise, from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Well, thank god this week finally ended. Am I right? I woke up on Monday legitimately thinking I had an easy week ahead of me, and by 11 am at the office, I was ready to burst into tears. Days like those are the worst.

But luckily after coming home, relaxing (and wallowing, I will admit) a bit, I was back in shape to tackle my work head-on. I’m prepping myself for a couple of trips — one, to visit my dear friend for a few days near Glacier National Park, and two, to visit the family in California. Cue a playlist filled with lots of Rilo Kiley.

In the meantime, here are a few things I’m pining for over the internet.

Maps, maps maps (links above). I’ve always been slightly obsessed with maps in decor, and someday, I’m going to score a beautiful vintage school map to hang in my living room or kitchen. To be fair, I was into this trend before it was hipster. I fantasized taking the ones from my elementary school when I was in the fifth grade… no joke.

How to save your summer produce for fall — put together by my friends/clients at Cava.

I’m obsessed with Pinterest, but every now and then, people post the absolute worst stuff on there. CapHillStyle and I collect all of our Pinterest pet peeves in one place. Knock yourselves out.

You probably know by now that I’m obsessed with beautiful things. This brand lettering — be still my heart. The packaging for this perfume makes me want to buy it immediately. This branded birthday invitation set is perfectly feminine and modern, and this add for Rifle Paper Co. makes me want to go make one of my own.

Speaking of Anna Rifle Bond, I’m pretty obsessed with these note cards (I’m a big fan of sending note cards in the mail), and this print about life giving you lemons. California girls out there? She makes prints on Yosemite, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. A little piece of home, wherever I end up living.

I’ve slowly been switching all of my accents and furniture from black to white, so this white lacquered desk set caught my eye.

Also, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Ebates for the past year, and have converted a good portion of my friends into believers. Basically, if you do a lot of online shopping, you should check Ebates first, and use their links to online retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora — they’ll deposit an extra percentage of your bill into a Paypal account every three months. As someone who does almost all of her shopping online, I can tell you that it’s really nice to get some money back every few months! Sign up here.

And these days, our mild, mild summer seems to be gradually dwindling into fall, so I’ve felt myself itching to break out the boots and scarves! This black and white swing dress would be a perfect fall transition, and this scarf (albeit vastly overpriced) is definitely the delicate, botanical design that could tone down summer and brighten up the winter ahead.

music to cook to // august 2014

music to cook to // august 2014 // sweetsonian

A bit of a somber mood today. Hope you’re enjoying the day! It’s a bit gloomy today in DC, but hopefully, a crazy thunderstorm will shake things up a bit. Also, the world has gone absolutely nuts, which helps me put my own issues into perspective.

Xo, Sarah

diner en blanc, washington, dc

diner en blanc // sweetsonian

Have you guys heard of Diner en Blanc? It’s basically a giant flashmob dinner where everyone brings their own table and chairs, and everyone wears all white. The event started in Paris (obviously, it’s all very French) and has since spread to a whole bunch of other major cities around the world. It really looks like quite the spectacle!

Anyway, some friends of mine have been working on starting the tradition in DC (this is three years in the making) and I got looped into leading a group of Washingtonians from our meeting point to the dinner location, which won’t be revealed until the day of. In case any of you are going, or live in another city and are lucky enough to get a coveted ticket to these events, I’ve been planning with friends and colleagues — what to wear, what tables to buy, and what to have on our menu!

If you do end up heading to whatever iconic location the dinner will be at, get in touch! Would love to meet some of you — and I’ll be doing some photography and video during the event. Xo!


diner en blanc // sweetsonian

Above: hat // dress // tote // ring // wedge // necklace

First things first — I’ve been looking for a basic white dress that I could reuse for work or for parties. This v-neck will do the trick… and it’s under $100! At a splurge price point, this dress has a beautiful trim. And on the opposite end, Forever 21 has a great option — yolo.

Shoes — I’m not the biggest fan of white shoes for a few reasons, but these Topshop/Nordies wedges could end up being a comfy spring and summer staple. These neutral wedges are a close runner-up, and these kate spade gold wedges have my name written all over them.

Bag — the event calls for a “white picnic basket,” but in the videos, you see people with their neutral or multicolored carts. I’m not sure where the hell to find a white picnic basket, nor am I sure I’d use it more than once, but I already own and swear by this tote. I’m a fan of white bags for a polished look (as long as you put in the work to keep ’em clean!) so the MK will be carrying my camera, and our dinner.

Accessories — the party’s supposed to be elegant, so naturally, I envisioned a big, white, Audrey-style hat. This neutral wide brim would be perfect! Here’s an all-white version for just $10 more. As far as jewelry, I’ve been switching from my high school and college obsession with bold silver pieces to delicate yellow gold pieces, so the Satya necklace might make an appearance. I’ve been pining over that gold flower ring, which I imagine would complete the look. Two of my favorite jewelry designers are Gabriela Artigas and Gorjana — check them both out! They make gorgeous gold pieces.

Table and chairsthis table rolls up into a carry-on bag, and these white chairs are just perfect. Looking for another option? This table would go perfectly with these little stools (and you could reuse them as side tables on your patio after the event).