Cookbooks like whoa // gift guide

cookbook gift guide // sweetsonian

Cookbooks almost always make the perfect gifts — they’re not too expensive, are filled with pretty things, and usually include activities you can do with the person you’re giving them to. There are so many cookbooks out there, it’s pretty easy to find a cookbook that sums up your relationship with your friend or loved one. Here’s a handful of selections from my Pinterest wish list, and ones I’ve had the pleasure of perusing or owning.

cookbook gift guide // sweetsonian

Cheese Obsession — we all have that friend (or are that friend). // $19.84

Ottolenghi — for someone who still does not have this cookbook. // 21.00

Saveur, The New Classics // $26.49

Breakfast for Dinner — my personal heaven // $13.83

Feast — gorgeous photos for your vegetarian loved ones // $23.33

Cook Your Date into Bed — your bro friends could probably use this. // $12.79

The Edible Garden — for your friend with the green thumb and a temperate climate // $14.96

True Food — from a restaurant I visited at the Mosaic District in Virginia… gorgeous photos and recipes that will make you salivate // $12.02

The Spirit of Gin — because sometimes, it’s more fun to drink your meals. // $18.55

One Pot — Martha’s way of making clean-up an easy job. // $15.60

Cooking Slow — More time, more flavor. // $24.63

Food52 Genius Recipes — my go-to resource on how to do anything in the kitchen. // $24.92