instalately // sweetsonian

instalately // sweetsonian

1. Cappuccino for breakfast. Not pictured: the almond croissant that I inhaled before my friend met up with me. Yes, I confessed — but only because she tried to get me to split a chocolate croissant at Dolcezza on 14th Street.

2. Too cool — I finally made it to another Creative Mornings DC event. This time, it was at an amazing space called the Blind Whino, located near the Waterfront metro stop. Imagine a church, covered in graffiti and filled with artwork and awesome people.

3. Abe Lincoln with a plane! I’ve been working on toting my big girl camera around with me more consciously. One night, my friend Matty and I biked down to the mall with our Nikons and worked on some night photos of the monuments. It was beautiful! Hoping to start selling some here.

4. The Instagram community of DC is pretty cool, and they do meet ups every now and then. I managed to make one of them at the Portrait Gallery, here in DC. Here’s a tilted photo from one of the American art exhibits.

5. I’ve been doing a good amount of freelance work for Cava Grill lately, and luckily for me, the work isn’t just about the food. They announced a new location at DCA opening in 2015, so Liz and I headed down to Gravelly Point to take some photos to show off the drastic improvement in airport cuisine.

6. The commute to work, depending on the bus, sometimes leads me past the striking Hirschhorn Museum. Check out its beauty on a cloudless morning.

7. This weekend, I spent a couple of hours at Crafty Bastards, a huuuuge artists’ market hosted at Union Market. I did a photo shoot recently for the incredibly talented (and incredibly lovely) Carolyn of Matine. After shooting her lookbook, I spent about a month pining over this spotted calf hair clutch… and I managed to snare the last one she had. Next up? This scallop clutch will be making its way to my collection in the next few months.

8. It’s knitting season again! Oh, who am I kidding? I knit all summer, because I’m 27 going on 84. Here’s a grocery bag filled with wool from the Dupont farmer’s market. Planning on making a ridiculously chunky circle scarf. I’ll need something to keep my face from freezing off when the bike rides down 15th street take a turn towards frigid.



Well, October took forever. At least it’s finally chilly outside. You know how I feel about winter.

The last month was pretty darn exciting — from the tie dye cupcakes, to meeting a very overweight bull dog in Philly, to painting my face in dots for Halloween — I don’t think I could have fit anything else in.

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Once again, it’s been a busy month. September was warm, beautiful, and filled with excitement. Some highlights: running from my office to the Virginia-side of the Lincoln Memorial after work, shooting ingredients for Cava Grill with @NikkiRap, enjoying a great talk with Creative Mornings, and showing up to the farmers’ market in essentially the same outfit as former roommate and mother of @WinstontheCatDC, @KKullberg.

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August Snapshots


August was just way too much fun. Aside from the escapades in Norway and Greece, getting settled back at home has been beyond exhilarating. Here are some of my favorite Instagrams from this month.

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Alright folks, it’s been a bit of a crazy summer. I’ve had three weeks since I came back from California, and it feels like I unpacked last night.

But I’m off again… this time, to Norway and Greece. I’m planning on blogging a bit to show off the pretty views and delectable foods, but there’s a good chance I might take this opportunity to let loose a little and take a week or so off blogging.

Bring on the fjords, pickled fish, and Alexander Skarsgard. Then, bring on the feta cheese, vespas, and whatever my life will look like when I start living out the Greece-related events of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Instagrams from June and July. And, if you’re not already following me, please do! All of my European adventures will be posted on my account @gurrity :)

My lovely neighborhood. Portugal, the Man at 930 club

Freelance lunches. They came back. Barbara P. Bush! She's just fabulous.

Some hand lettering for my mentee :) Hot summer days at the Smithsonian.

My first lobster roll, naturally, from Luke's Hydrangeas -- found these on the sidewalk on a rainy Saturday morning.

Office jungle Carry on essentials. Hello, California.

My parents bought a Fiat convertible. Jet lagged mornings -- coffee, Hemingway, and the dog.

WIND TURBINES! Car trouble in Ridgecrest, CA.

Mono Lake at sunset A morning walk around Trumbull Lake

8AM hike with the bro. He's drinking beer like it's coffee. How does the time fly?! Canoeing with Dad and Kevin. Pretty sunset on Trumbull Lake.

Cody Impromptu sailing... again :)

Oyster shell gravel, dream house. "Do I smell cookies?"

Artscape, Baltimore. Vintage loot from an estate sale on Capitol Hill




April can be divided into three parts by Instagram: moving, travel, and work.

1. New rug for the new apartment!
2. First brunch — relaxing with crossword puzzles
3. My color-coded bookshelf and wall art
4. The sunset view from my bedroom

5. Glamour shot with the NYC skyline
6. Travel light, travel often.
7. Brooklyn Italian markets. Sold.

8. Rough day at the remote office — covering the National Science Bowl
9. Sunday night stint in Baltimore at Woodberry Kitchen
10. Developed a canister of film from four years ago… apparently from UCLA graduation!
11. Post-science bowl coverage ramen at Daikaya DC.

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Here are my 12 favorite moments from March, compliments of Instagram.

Lots and lots of Miami Instagrams this month.

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Just a summary of my busy month, in Instagrams. Hover over each photo for its caption.

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Anyway, I must get back to a Google freelance project. My summer trip to Norway won’t pay for itself.