From Last Night

Sometimes, we make sacrifices. Give and take, push and pull, exchange or return.  We all do it.  After all, what would life be without change? Boring.  Duh.

My life’s been pretty boring, lately.  I hate admitting that – I was the girl in college who needed a TV sitcom to keep track of the the ridiculous situations I found myself in.  Like the time an old flame insisted on walking me to a new flame’s doorstep.  Or the time a random (and beautiful) UCLA track couple saved me from a creeper in West Hollywood, and then brought me all over the city for the rest of the night.  If you didn’t know, all of the straight male creepers hit up West Hollywood.  They love it.  It’s really annoying.

To be honest, I’ve never been bored with my life before.  Why should I?  We go from high school, straight through college (the best four years of our lives), and then we break free into the workplace – where everything is new and exciting.  We emigrate, make new friends, and find love all over again, as if it’s another level of college.  Without the Redbull, outside of the library, and beyond the local college bars.

I remember approaching graduation, when so many middle-aged people congratulated me, and then told me to kiss my summers good-bye.  I prepared myself for the worst – the nine to five, sometimes later hours, a whole different spectrum of stress, and minimal get togethers with my favorite people. But upon full time employment, I found myself with more free time than a twenty-something could ever ask for.

I discovered weekends – these wonderful things that existed back in grade school, before I traded them for Saturday editing/layout sessions on my high school newspaper, or for working doubles at the restaurant through college.

I traded my late Hollywood nights for rooftop embassy parties.  My six-day drinking schedule trickled down to one, maybe two.  Arabic classes went from grammatical to practical, and the time I’ve spent missing my family in California has been repurposed – not reassigned, just repurposed – because I have plenty of adopted parents on the Eastern Seaboard.  Oh, and some of my favorite people are… engaged.  I guess I’m growing up.

At the moment, I’m sitting at Union Station, waiting for my favorite friend in the world – we’ve been friends for more than half of our lives now – escaping the heat and humidity outdoors.  Right now, I can cut the humidity with a knife.

It’s nice to integrate two completely different lives that I’ve had.  Tomorrow, we’re going sailing.  Have I told you how much I love sailing?

Forget the humidity, and forget how much I really do miss California.  The Chesapeake Bay might be the one thing that keeps me on this coast.

I’ve been on a “do what makes you happy” kick, lately.  There’s no point stressing out about things that shouldn’t cause you stress.  As a solution, I decided to design more, and make creativity 100 percent of my life.  To start: a quote from Steve Jobs about loving what you do.