Cookbooks to Drool Over


12.11.12 by sarah

Food 52, $22.51 // Food 52 Volume 2, $19.58 // Smitten Kitchen
The Glorious Pasta of Italy, $19.80 // Cook’s Illustrated: The Science of Good Cooking, $23.48 // Plenty, $20.26
Sprouted Kitchen, $16.20 // Tartine, $26.40 // What Katie Ate, $26.40


  • Diane, A Broad

    Argh. Why aren’t more cookbooks available in e-reader versions? I get that a huge part of the appeal of cookbooks is the big shiny pages with pretty photos and getting them all splattered up and loved-looking, but I plan to move around a lot in the next few years and can’t take a library with me. sigh.

    • sarah

      I agree! Some are available on Kindle, but the issue with that is that you lose the pretty color photos. I’ll keep an eye out for iPad versions as well.

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