A new face.

portfolio screenshot

I have a couple of confessions to make.

I haven’t been cooking Sweetsonian-worthy meals or desserts lately — since I’ve been so crazy freelancing, I’ve actually taken up a less indulgent pattern of eating to make up for the lack of exercise.

I’ve also been freelancing more than I thought I ever would, which leaves less time for, well, everything else. Clearly, I love love looooove what I do, so I’ve been dedicating more hours than exist in a day to my work. But, the upside is that when I blog, I won’t just be blogging about food.

Today, I gave my design portfolio a lighter, brighter face. I would absolutely love if you would take a look! And I hope you have a lovely week ahead. I’ll work on posting some recipes from photos that I’ve already taken but have yet to write about yet.