Happy Friday!


Blogging has eluded me this week. Honestly, how has another week gone by already?

Seven days from now, I’ll be boarding a plane to Los Angeles — a couple of days with the extended family in L.A., and then seven days of camping with my parents and brothers in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.

And I have a brand spankin’ new lens to document the whole thing.


I had a few posts lined up, but the more I looked at the photos and the recipes, the more I thought to myself: Sarah, you could make these so much better. So, I chose not to half-ass the content for the sake of publishing content.

I’ll be cooking all of Sunday, so I’ll have something new for you next week. In the meantime, these photos are why I didn’t get any cooking done last weekend. When your friends invite you on an impromptu sailing trip from Annapolis, you do not say no.

Have a great weekend! The weather in D.C. is too beautiful for this city’s own good.