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home office // sweetsonian

When it comes to big purchases, I get my habits from my dad. It’s so painful to spend an exorbitant amount of money on something, but if you’re going to buy something important, save up and get exactly what you want.

For years, I’ve been talking about someday setting up my own design office. I finally did it — I sucked it up and bought a 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display… because, honestly, nothin — nothing — compares to that screen. UPS lost the first box (honestly, who leaves a giant box outside of an apartment building on 16th Street? WHO?!) but the 2nd came in and I was able to receive it myself. I cleaned up my corner and had one of my photos from Greece printed for the frame above my desk. At some point, I’d like to get some shelves for the right side of that wall — I need someplace to put all of my design books and photography gear!

Anyway, I’m super excited about Sarah Gerrity Design Studio, LLC finally having a home of its own. Just wanted to share that with you!

Side note: the keyboard is solar powered. I’m obsessed.

home office // sweetsonian

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