Links I’m Loving

{ in no particular order… }

  1. The cutest bloody mary how-to (hand illustrated… my fave!)
  2. This tortoiseshell necklace, under $13. Sold.
  3. A gorgeous, flowy maxi dress for Mexico. I can’t help but dream about my next international adventure.
  4. Puppy friends. Because, well, we all could use more puppy friends.
  5. I’ve been working on producing content for “Space Week” at work, and a coworker sent me these photos from Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Trippy.
  6. Ever since visiting Rochelle’s Primitive Reserve wood shop in Los Angeles, I’ve been obsessed with live edge wood furniture. This is gorgeous.
  7. Obsessed — more warm weather day dreams. This would be nice in Mexico and Spain.
  8. I’m getting so close to being able to do a yoga headstand without the wall. This guide (along with Emily, resident crazy yoga lady roommate) is helping me build the strength to get there. #abslikewhoa2014
  9. Cat in the snow. I really don’t need any other words.