My Apartment :)

Considering the fact that I moved into my Dupont apartment almost a year ago (April 19th, to be exact!), I probably should have posted these photos long ago. But to be honest, I went through so many temporary, mostly pleasant roommates for a variety of reasons — primarily to accommodate a friend who needed an apartment for the summer — that it was impossible to get settled in until I had a more permanent situation.

This past weekend, I got my hands on a great wide angle lens — the 24-105 mm — and experimented with some apartment photography. It also gave Emily and me reason to do a true deep clean of the apartment. After all, we’ve been Airbnb’ing it since last summer, and I hadn’t taken photos since my initial move-in. Those photos were kind of sad. Now, the apartment is as homey as ever!

bookshelf // sweetsonian

Color-coded bookshelf — haters gonna hate. The lighthouse photo was a gift from a close friend. The map came from a 1940s Morocco travel guide I purchased from Second Story Books in Dupont, and the watercolor gradient was made by Yours Truly. Bookshelves from Target.

living room // sweetsonian

Antique, surprisingly comfortable sofas were purchased on Craigslist. I’m planning on reupholstering them when I can afford it — probably in a cream or gray linen, depending on what my next apartment looks like. The rug is from (great resource for cheap rugs… but be aware, my apartment is usually covered in blue dust), and the coffee table was handmade in that apartment — hairpin legs found here. Since we don’t have a designated dining area, I purchased this “outdoor” gateleg table from Ikea. We love it. And we keep folding chairs in the closet for when we want to host a real, sit-down dinner.

bedroom // sweetsonian

Le bedroom. Blue velvet chair was a gift from a friend’s mother (who moved into the city and needed to offload furniture). Faux antelope throw from World Market (similar here), and the desk was handmade at the same time the coffee table was :)

credenza // sweetsonian

Baby fiddle leaf fig — purchased from Amazon when it was only 4 inches tall. My, how she’s grown! I got the typewriter from Past and Present, a recommendation on Sydney’s list of best thrift shops in Winchester, VA. Hat boxes belonged to my great-grandmother, New York City’s most fabulous teacher. And yes, they are filled with vintage Dior hats, purchased sometime in the 1940s and 1950s.

kitchen // sweetsonian

Last but not least, the kitchen. Hope you enjoyed this :)

entrance // sweetsoniankitchen // sweetsonian