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6.20.14 by sarah

Happy Friday! Since I haven’t had much time to cook this week (thanks a LOT, WINSTON), I thought I’d compile some of my favorite blogs as of late. Enjoy!


follow friday // sweetsonian

My Scandinavian Home — You probably already know I’m obsessed with all things Scandinavian because of my travels in Norway last summer (and because, well, Norwegians are all just so pleasant and beautiful). Scandinavian design being the best of the best doesn’t ease my obsession.

follow friday // sweetsonian

Meg Fee — loooooooove her whimsy yet real writing style. My former roommate once tweeted at her to hang out on a trip to New York. And she did. Besties! Anyway, that’s how I found her blog, and I’ve been smitten ever since.
follow friday // sweetsonian

Souvlaki for the Soul — amazing food photos, and a minimalist design. I haven’t actually tried any of the recipes, but I have spent hours salivating over them.

follow friday // sweetsonian

Dreams + Jeans — graphic designer for Madewell, has impeccable taste and visual style. And her blog rocks. Basically, I’d like to be her, in the classiest of sense (and not the creepiest).


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