m2c2 – jan 2015

cat, i'm a kitty cat

It’s already been a bit of a crazy year for me — and we’re only fifteen days in. Who needs weekends, really? (Me. So desperately, me.)

I’ve spent every day I’ve had off on location for a photo shoot or editing photos from a photo shoot. So I’m going to hibernate this weekend. Aka, edit more photos from last weekend’s photo shoot. I took 997 photos in one day. And I love almost every one of them.

Tomorrow is a day away from the day job, which means I’ll be crouching over some delicious pasta dishes for another client. And I cannot wait. If I knew freelance photography would be such a great ab workout, I would have started doing this years ago!

Anyway, this music has been aiding me through the past 15 days, which still have me pining for a life in Norway. Tromsø 2015, here I come :) Xo!